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If your neighbor was in trouble wouldn't you want to do more than just watch? Of course you would! We would like to offer a suggestion: become a volunteer firefighter, EMT or both. Call 560-3309 or just show up at the Fire Station for Tuesday evening Drill. It's a great way to do something important for your community and for yourself. Volunteer emergency service providers need more than just a desire to help people. They need courage, dedication, enthusiasm, and a willingness to learn and face new challenges. Generally, we accept volunteer applications anytime. You may choose to become a firefighter with national certification (IFSAC Firefighter 1) or an EMT-Basic with both national and state certification. Each course requires significant classroom time lasting about five months. Most classes are held weekday evenings and some Saturdays. It may sound like a substantial amount of training, and it is. You can expect to spend well over 200 classroom hours on each type of certification. Once you become certified, you will begin working with and under the supervision of our emergency responders using all of your new skills. Once you and your officer are confident in your skills you will be working side-by-side with our team responding to the fire and emergency needs of our community. Volunteers support every function of our fire district from emergency response to public education to office and event support. Your experience as a volunteer can be very gratifying but requires on going training and participation on your part. Make no mistake about it, our volunteers dedicate many hours of their personal time to becoming an emergency responder. No matter what your reason for volunteering we welcome you. BECOME A VOLUNTEER TODAY!